Why We’re Here

At www.shouldigetmarried.net, you will not find recycled relationship advice from PhDs or marriage counselors. We are just passionate people who created the “Invite for Insight” for those considering marriage to “warm their cold feet.” We’ve been married, divorced, and in long-term relationships that went nowhere, and we’ve even watched good friends get married while loved ones stood by with doubt but were afraid to speak up.

“Speak now or forever hold your peace” is very important, but it should not wait until the altar!

We created the “Invite for Insight” to allow anyone from the bride or groom—or anyone involved with concerns—to have a voice. Our “Invite for Insight” provides a way to gain real, truthful insight and make an immediate impact— right NOW!

With studies proving that 30% of divorced women knew on their wedding day that their marriage was never going to last, we wonder how many people attended and reluctantly did nothing. Certainly, there were many folks who attended these weddings that must have known that this was not really a good idea. Could all of the pain and heartache been avoided? We think in many cases that answer is yes. Our goal is to help people learn the truth about their relationship so that when that special day arrives, they are confident that they are absolutely making the right decision. Enjoy!