Who Cares If You Get Married?

Working with shouldigetmarried.net has certainly opened my eyes to a much wider range of opinions on relationships, marriage, and divorce. There are certainly very good points brought up by everyone, in every situation. Most people, however, at some point in their lives, acknowledge that they want to, or that they will end up, getting married. Most of them hope it’s only once.

I’ve run the gamut myself. At one point in my life, I couldn’t wait to be married. After I was divorced, I planned to never do it again. In another relationship, I found myself eager to be engaged. I didn’t care if we actually got married—we were living together, had bought a house, and were playing the proper roles, but I was sticking to my “never get married again” guns. Eventually, though, as we got older, I wanted to at least be engaged, to have some symbol of commitment from him—something that said we belong to each other, and maybe one day, if we decide it’s right, we will tie the knot—with no pressure.

People have valid reasons for getting married, divorced, or staying single, and even for staying married when there is nothing left of the relationship. There is an emerging trend now, to just not get married at all. After all, and there is truth to this point of view, if you never get married, you’ll never have to deal with the possibility of divorce. Is this a good thing? People won’t stop having sex, or living together, or having babies. That is just nature, and you can’t fight nature.

As we continue to evolve, could it be possible that we have arrived at a point in history where we’re just struggling to hang on to a tradition that no longer applies to our society? So what if no one ever got married again? What will it hurt? Kids can grow up fine with unwed parents. Billions would be saved every year on wedding and divorce costs, and a lot of lawyers and wedding planners will be out of work.

It’s hard to imagine. Why? Who knows? Maybe there is just something more there than we’re all seeing. I think that at some point in everyone’s life, there comes a time when you consider pledging your love to that one person—claiming them in some way, and stating before all, that you two belong to each other. I’ve even holstered my guns, and I’ve realized the possibility that I’ll do it again one more time. Probably. I do know this, though, if marriage were outlawed, everyone would go do it!


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