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Invite for Insight Statements

Please select the statements you want to include in your IFI from the following list.

  1. General

  2. My significant other and I are realistic about the prospect of our marriage lasting.
  3. My family will support me if I decide to get married or not.
  4. My significant other is genuinely excited about the prospect of our marriage.
  5. We have what it takes to withstand the challenges and be successful – long term.
  6. Our marriage is much more important to us than our wedding day.
  7. My significant other is an honest person who truly is who they portray themselves to be.
  8. My significant other is a genuinely honest person.
  9. My significant other has, or is, keeping secrets from me that could hurt us in the future.
  10. My significant other has been known to tell lies.
  11. You are confident that my significant other would remain faithful to me.
  12. My significant other is with me for the reasons they portray to others.
  13. There are others who secretly wish we wouldn’t get married and will do what they can to stop it.
  14. My partner treats me fairly and with respect.
  15. My significant other is realistic about the transition from being single to settling down and being in a happy monogamous marriage.
  16. My significant other seems more concerned about him/herself than our relationship.
  17. Many people who know us well think we are together for the wrong reasons.
  18. I treat my partner fairly and respectfully.
  19. My partner will be responsible and equally share the load of household responsibilities.
  20. I am capable of equally sharing household duties with my significant other.
  21. We have a lot in common and share enough similar interests for our relationship to last a long time.
  22. My significant other and I have been together long enough to be considering this step.
  23. Many who know my significant other describe him/her as manipulative.
  24. My significant other is assuming that marriage will change me to be what they want.
  25. My significant other is mature enough to be a good spouse.
  26. People view our relationship as secure, stable, and loving.
  27. Our friendship has grown and blossomed into a beautiful relationship to where marriage is the next best step for us both.
  28. My significant other will make a good life partner.
  29. My significant other is genuinely a hard worker.
  30. We don’t consider marriage to be a temporary thing. We take it seriously and will do what it takes to make it last.
  31. I am being completely true to myself in this decision to get married.
  32. There is a chance that one, or both, of us is considering marriage simply because it’s “about time.”
  33. I’m wanting this marriage to work more than I believe it actually will.
  34. I am having doubts that this is truly a good idea. Generally speaking, others think the marriage will not last.
  35. If I were to call off the wedding, the embarrassment would be less of a problem than following through, only to have it fail.
  36. My significant other would be better off long term if I broke off the engagement now.
  37. I would be better off in the future if I called off the wedding.
  38. The fact that so many people in my life are all getting married is influencing my/our decision to do this now.
  39. My significant other has secretly expressed concern that they now wish they would not have agreed to get married.
  40. My significant other is honest and sincere about entering into a lifetime monogamous relationship.
  41. It is a good idea for us to have a pre-nup.
  42. Financial

  43. We should have a prenuptial agreement.
  44. My significant other will be offended if I ask for a pre-nup.
  45. Combining our finances is a safe thing to do.
  46. Given the opportunity, my significant other will choose material items over legitimate family needs.
  47. If one of us lost our income, the other would pick up the financial slack until we were back on our feet.
  48. It is the general perception of many folks that my significant other may be marrying me for my money.
  49. My significant other will not have a problem if I earn more money than them.
  50. We will be supportive of each other if one of our jobs requires a good bit of travel.
  51. My significant other will have no problem relocating if my job forces us to.
  52. There is general perception from others that we should seek financial counseling before marriage.
  53. Children/Family/Health

  54. My significant other will be a good parent.
  55. My significant other wants to have a family with me.
  56. Our views regarding raising and disciplining children are similar.
  57. My significant other would stand true to their vows of "sickness and health" and support me if I were to encounter a serious illness.
  58. We would be able to handle a child with special needs if necessary.
  59. My significant other would welcome a sick or elderly parent into our home to live, if necessary.
  60. We would remain a happy couple even if we discovered we could not have children.
  61. Religion

  62. Our religious differences could get in the way of our love for each other.
  63. Religious differences could cause problems for our families, regardless of how we feel.
  64. We are in agreement on what religion, if any, the children will be raised under.
  65. We will be able to raise our children with open minds regarding our different religious backgrounds.
  66. We argue too much already about religion, and it is a concern.
  67. My significant other’s lack of religion/spirituality may cause problems for us in the future.
  68. Age Difference

  69. My friends and family are concerned about our age difference but have not addressed it.
  70. Despite our significant age difference, it will not cause problems for us in the future.
  71. We deal very well with our age difference.
  72. Our age difference causes different levels of commitment in our relationship.
  73. It’s clear that our love can withstand the age gap based on our personal experiences and maturity.
  74. Second/Third Marriages

  75. The issues that contributed to the divorce were properly dealt with to ensure a healthy second marriage.
  76. My significant other is rushing into this marriage to ease the pain of their divorce.
  77. I am rushing into this marriage to ease the pain of my divorce.
  78. My children from my previous relationship will be treated fairly by my significant other.
  79. I would treat my significant other's children fairly and with respect.
  80. My significant other's ex-spouse will cause problems that could strain our marriage.
  81. The level of commitment and enthusiasm to this marriage is just as high as if it were our first marriage.
  82. We will be able to separate problems with each others’ children from our relationship.
  83. Visitations with children from previous marriages could affect our relationship.
  84. We will be able to keep our love intact even when problems with each other's children arise.
  85. Friends

  86. My significant other and I have a good support system among our group of friends.
  87. My significant other has a friend/friends that will likely cause problems for us in our marriage.
  88. My significant other keeps secrets with their friends that they don’t share with me.
  89. Spending time with friends - without each other - will not be an issue in our marriage.
  90. My friends and my significant other have plenty in common.
  91. My significant other will not have a problem with me maintaining my relationships with my friends of the opposite sex.
  92. Addictions

  93. My significant other, if given the choice, will chose me over their addiction.
  94. Past problems with addiction are safely behind us.
  95. My significant other is properly prepared to deal with my past addictions.
  96. I am prepared to deal with my significant other's past addictions.
  97. My significant other is prepared to deal with my past addictions.
  98. My significant other’s and my own past addictions have brought us together in a healthy way.
  99. I can be a great help and support to my significant other in regards to their past/present addiction.
  100. My significant other has a problem with addiction that I’m not aware of.
  101. Military Marriages

  102. My significant other is aware of my intentions to have a lifelong military career.
  103. Friends and family will help and support my significant other while I’m away.
  104. My significant other’s primary concern over marriage is the pay increase that will result in getting married.
  105. My significant other has carefully considered the fact that, statistically, military marriages face a much greater challenge to succeed long term.
  106. We will be able to deal with frequent separation and balancing infrequent couple time.
  107. Moving often is something we’re prepared to deal with while one us in is in the military.
  108. My significant other will be able to handle budgeting our household finances while I’m deployed.
  109. I will be able to deal with our household finances while my significant other is deployed.
  110. My significant other will have little trouble being a "single parent" while I’m away on active duty.
  111. My significant other will be able to assume the proper lead role in the household and remain faithful while I’m deployed.
  112. Interracial Relationships

  113. My significant other can withstand the social attitudes and pressures of our union.
  114. Our friends are completely comfortable with our relationship.
  115. One, or both, of our families has concerns regarding our interracial relationship.
  116. We are prepared to deal with the social attitudes toward any mixed-race children we may have.
  117. Our parents will treat our children no differently than their non-mixed grandchildren.
  118. We will have full support of both families when dealing with difficult situations that arise because of our races.
  119. Gay Marriages

  120. My significant other is prepared to deal with the social pressures regarding same-sex marriages.
  121. My family and friends will support our decision to raise children together as a married couple.
  122. We will have full support from our families regarding our union.
  123. Our circle of friends will provide plenty of support for us in our marriage.
  124. Just For Fun

  125. If I gain 100 lbs, my significant other will love me just as much (or more!).
  126. Our relationship will never work because we're avid sports fans of rival teams.
  127. My significant other will still love me when I’m 64.
  128. My significant other spends too much time playing with their Wii and not enough time on me.
  129. The fact that my significant other still lives with his/her parents will cause more issues than I realize.
  130. We just look too good together for this not to work.
  131. Sex

  132. We have a healthy physical attraction to each other.
  133. There are suspicions my significant other is not honest with me regarding their sexual preference.
  134. Our sexual interests are compatible with each other.
  135. My significant other spends to much time at strip clubs.
  136. My significant other has an unhealthy interest in pornography.
  137. My significant other is truly OK with having an open relationship.
  138. Out of Wedlock Pregnancies

  139. My decision to marry is for the right reasons and not based on being pregnant.
  140. My significant other is marrying me primarily because of the pregnancy, rather than true love.
  141. Even though I’m pregnant, my family/friends will support my decision to marry or not.
  142. My significant other would still have agreed to marry me if there was not a child involved.
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Custom IFI Statements

Write your own IFI statements if you didn’t see all the statements so far. You don’t have to include any more statements and can skip this step. If you do write your own, make sure they are clear and are able to be answered with a scale of strongly disagree to strongly agree.

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