Separate Bedrooms??

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When they first told me about it I thought it was a very strange idea. Why would a happy monogamous couple not want to sleep in the same room? I thought maybe there was something wrong in the relationship that they were hiding from me.

Not the case apparently. My son and his girlfriend of five years are, quite happily, living together, and love the fact that they each have their own bedrooms. They aren’t alone, there seems to be a small, but growing population of couples doing the same thing.

So, I asked them about it. They said that they get mixed reviews, but when they explained why they like it, and why it works for them, they really brought me around to their way of thinking. They are two different people, with different styles. He decorates his room his way, with a masculine flair, and she has hers her way, much more feminine. He is more of a neat freak than she is, so it helps with that as well; no arguments about the room being too messy. If either of them wants some alone time, they just go to their room and shut the door – problem solved. It helps out with their different schedules, TV shows, music being listened to, etc. Other couples I know who have their own bedrooms enjoy it because of snoring issues, temperature differences, white noise, or just plain personal space in the bed.

Traditionally, I suppose, the bedroom is generally the females territory. Maybe most men don’t care, but for those that do – why is it the guys who have to sacrifice? Perhaps this is why “man-caves” are becoming so popular. After all, where’s the rule that says as soon as you’re living together, or married, that you have to have the same room, and possible lose part of your identity?

Way to think outside the box. What do you think? Would you be comfortable sleeping separately from your spouse?


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