Would You do It Again?

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I was talking today with an older guy that I work closely with. He is married, (not unhappily) I am not, and I’ve filled him in on much of my past relationships, marriage, etc., and in the past I’d mentioned that I don’t think I’d marry again. I’m not opposed to another long term relationship if the time is right, but I really don’t see myself getting married again.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s left no bad taste in my mouth – I loved being married, hated getting divorced, I loved being engaged later to a different man, and was devastated when that was over. Right now though, where I am in life, and the universe – I can’t see the way I feel now, changing all that much. (Of course, we all know how that goes..)

Anyway, my friend Butch said to me, “So you’ve said before that you wouldn’t do the marriage thing again though, right?” I said yes, that was true, and even though I’m down for a long term relationship again, it’s going to be “What’s your is yours, and what’s mine is mine.” I know that philosophy doesn’t fit everyone, but I was surprised that he agreed with me. He has been married for a very long time.

He said, “I really think that’s kinda the way it should be – it almost seems that when we’re young, all we want to do is get married, and share everything with someone, then as we get older we all just want to have and do things our own way.”

A very young kid who works with us, came into the conversation as I was saying that I’d written a blog on our site www.shouldigetmarried.net about how we should all just have to get married young, learn what it’s really all about, have a mandatory divorce, and then carry on with our lives, having that experience under our belt – and he said, “Oh, so you’re saying I shouldn’t marry my girlfriend then?” I wasn’t going to answer, but I didn’t have to. Three of the guys I was talking to – almost in unison – said, “No, you’re too young!” It’s amazing, sometimes, to see what older folks have to say about young love.

If you’ve been divorced, would you marry again?

What would be different the second time around?

Would you listen if everyone around you said you were too young to get hitched?


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