Invite for Insight offers an Invite for Insight, which allows you to investigate the perspectives of those closest to the relationship. We engage family, friends, spiritual leaders, mentors, and others of the clients choosing who anonymously provide valuable insight into the relationship and the individuals themselves. Clients choose the issues and participants that they believe will provide valuable, unbiased feedback. We compile the data, and quantify the results for your review. The cost is only $9.95. So, try our service for yourself or purchase it for a friend. Its quick, easy, and costs less than going out for a movie.

Interested in seeing what an IFI looks like? Click here to download sample in pdf format.

Gain Clarity for Yourself an Invite for Insight for You! Considering a marriage proposal or thinking about getting engaged? Perhaps you just want to find out if your relationship is heading in the right direction? Why Wonder? Purchase an "Invite for Insight" for yourself and gain clarity in your decision from those you love and trust most.
Giving the Gift of Clarity an Invite for Insight Gift Certificate! Because you know someone who is seriously considering getting married, you now have a tool in an IFI that allows you to gift them the gift of clarity. You can give a gift certificate anonymously or let them know it came from you to help your friend move forward in confidence.