the invite for insight

Allows the perspective bride or groom to ask those closest to them for their honest opinions to personal questions. We collect and submit the results. Don't worry—you can submit your thoughts anonymously as well.

Create custom statements or choose from over 100 statements to find the answers specific to your relationship!

Find the answers to statements such as....

Should I have a prenuptial agreement?
Would my family and friends support me if I called off the wedding?
My fiancé is truly a good person and I am very lucky to be getting married?

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At $9.95, the Invite for Insight could be the best investment you will ever spend.

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If you care about someone and have concern for their well-being, you owe it to them to take action. You no longer have to fear risking your personal relationship to take action. We take care of everything and allow you to clear your conscience. You'll be paying for them to have a tool that amplifies the chance for them to learn the truth.

30% of divorced women claim they knew at the altar it was not going to work.
With your purchase of the Invite for Insight, it doesn't have to be that way.
At $9.95, it could truly be the best engagement gift you will ever purchase.
It's easy and makes an impact today—which could help for a lifetime.

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Purchase the Invite for Insight and include your message. We send your message. They choose their statements. We compile all the data into one document.