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Karyn Wisniewski

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The purpose of shouldigetmarried.net is to help inspire our clients to seek the truth, with an honest and open mind, through an 'outside the box' approach towards marriage and relationship advice. When it came to finding a blogger for the site, we felt it was necessary that he or she should offer a perspective that was forged from true-life experiences. We needed a writer whose story was real, one that would ring true to most in some form or another. We found Ms. Karyn Wisniewski is that person, and she offers the exact spirit we had in mind.

From her home in a small town outside of Philadelphia, Karyn found her truth from the unique experiences she encountered in her life. Her life began in the early 1970's, and like many Americans, she quickly learned that childhood dreams often evolve into much different realities, sometimes difficult to accept, and only through time are they understood and appreciated.

Growing up, some labeled Karyn as a "tom boy". Perhaps it was her father's influence as a former US Marine, and scientist, that provided her with her thick skin and an inquisitive mind. She often took to writing and dreamed one day of a career as writer. Her first taste of true love arrived much earlier than it does for most, and she was soon blessed with the greatest gift in her life, the birth of her son. Those blessings came early, and brought with them the challenges that would set the stage for who she is today.

Karyn has taken into her home, and nurtured, many souls over the years looking to find their paths. Looked to for answers on finding the right partner, making a commitment, marriage, pregnancies, drug addictions, abuse... Her own experiences of teen-aged motherhood, divorce, single parenthood, complicated relationships, and seventeen years in the corporate world, have created experiences that we believe will bring truth and value to you and our work at shouldigetmarried.net.